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The Next Level of HIS for Boundaryless Data Connectivity

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MED-HIS is another level of HIS (Hospital Information System) that includes data connectors to other systems to maximize efficiency in sharing information.

Improve the effectiveness of hospital information management by implementing a Hospital Information System (HIS) that includes technology for connecting, processing, and visualizing data that fulfills business and administrative requirements.

MED-HIS Key Features


Centrix: Hospital Information System with the ability to present data in a variety of ways and the ability to add-on the implementation to support new hospital service procedure.


MEDConnext: Data connectors that connect data from numerous systems to create an insight for your organization.


Ensure the patient's personal data is protected. Data layers can be configured to fit the requirements of users in each work area.


FHIR standard data connection

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"MED-HIS has made it easier for staff in all departments to operate with easily accessible information and not have to worry about the prevention and care of patient treatment information because the system efficiently controls the confidentiality layer of information."

- Principal Healthcare Co., Ltd.'s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Panon Supirat

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