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MEDcury Rebrands Centrix as MEDHIS, Ready to Develop Healthcare Ecosystem and Expand to Global Markets.

Centrix logo and MEDHIS logo, rebrands centrix as MEDHIS to develop healthcare ecosystem and expand to global markets

MEDcury Rebrands Centrix as MEDHIS

MEDcury Co., Ltd., a leading provider of HealthTech Solutions for hospitals, today announced a major rebranding initiative, transitioning its flagship Hospital Information System (HIS) from Centrix to MEDHIS. This strategic move marks a significant step forward in the company's mission to establish a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem, aligning with its vision to become a pioneer in Smart Hospital software solutions.

MEDcury Co., Ltd., or MEDcury for short, is a provider of hospital software solutions that are constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing landscape of healthcare technology. MEDcury focus on empowering hospitals by Increase hospital operational efficiency, reduce workload for medical staffs and elevate the quality of patient care. Currently, MEDcury offers 3 main solutions. This includes:

  • MEDHIS : Hospital Information System (HIS)

  • MEDConnext : Hospital Information Exchange : HIE)

  • MNB : Virtual Health Platform

Mr. Jatuphol Chawapatnakul, Founder of MEDcury Co., Ltd., stated that "from 2024 onwards, MEDcury will focus on expanding our HealthTech Solutions by increasing international customer base and partners.

The goal is to become a leading hospital software provider recognized both domestically and internationally. MEDcury aspires to be a regional software company in the healthcare sector, aiming to improve efficiency throughout the healthcare industry."

Mr. Jatuphol further elaborated on the company's goals for expanding its customer base and partnerships both domestically and internationally. He stated, "MEDcury is currently executing its strategic plan, which involves enhancing the efficiency of our solutions, strengthening our marketing strategies to raise brand awareness through our service offerings, and seeking partnerships to address market demands and collaboratively build a strong Healthcare Ecosystem."

Founder of MEDcury company, Mr. Jatuphol shows a vision of the company that aiming to improve efficiency throughout the healthcare industry.

MEDcury Forges Ahead in Building a Healthcare Ecosystem for the Future

The Centrix system, developed by Human Centric Co., Ltd., has been the trusted choice for numerous hospitals in Thailand. Centrix gained recognition as the Hospital Information System (HIS) used by Prince Hospital Pak Nam Pho 1, which remarkably became the first hospital in Thailand to achieve HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 in 2019.

Following this success, Centrix has actively expanded its reach, attracting both public and private hospitals nationwide. Currently, over 20 hospitals across Thailand rely on Centrix.

Mr. Jatuphol also stated "Building on the long-standing trust hospitals nationwide have placed in the Centrix system, and leveraging MEDcury expertise and vision for transforming the healthcare ecosystem, we are excited to announce further development of the Centrix software's functionalities to better cater to the specific needs of each hospital type.

We are introducing MEDHIS, a name that signifies our commitment to the system's ongoing improvement. Through MEDHIS, we aim to solidify trust and enhance the system's capabilities, ultimately driving sustainable transformation in the healthcare ecosystem. We also seek partnerships to expand MEDHIS distribution and installation to a wider range of hospitals."

This change reflects MEDcury vision to strengthen the healthcare ecosystem through its various solutions. The focus is on improving the capabilities of the Centrix system to better align with current hospital operations. This will support the expansion of hospital businesses domestically and internationally, which is part of the company's core strategy.

MEDHIS: A Hospital Information System from MEDcury

MEDHIS, an advanced Hospital Information System (HIS) from MEDcury Co., Ltd., is the next-generation solution built upon the foundation of the Centrix system. Designed to adapt to the dynamic landscape of healthcare businesses and public health systems, MEDHIS offers a comprehensive suite of 21 modules (Modules) catering to the diverse needs of hospitals of all sizes.

MEDHIS seamlessly integrates with other solutions developed by MEDcury, ensuring a unified and streamlined healthcare ecosystem. This includes: MEDConnext, A secure data exchange platform that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. And MNB, a virtual health platform that empowers patients to access quality medical care remotely through online consultations.

"We are excited to introduce MEDHIS, a culmination of our dedication and vision, alongside our like-minded partners, to revolutionize healthcare systems and empower a healthier future for all.

We are confident in our team's expertise and unwavering commitment to achieving our ambitious goals for 2024, positioning MEDcury as a leading Regional Company in the near future." stated Mr. Jatuphol Chawapatnakul, Founder of MEDcury.

MEDcury Commitment to Advancing the Healthcare Industry

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has spurred global interest in healthcare and disease prevention. This surge in demand for medical services, coupled with a growing awareness of the importance of public health systems and the expansion of eldercare businesses due to an aging population worldwide, has fueled the development of new technologies and innovations from HealthTech startups.

These factors have presented both challenges and opportunities for growth in the healthcare industry, prompting hospitals to adapt to these changes and seek solutions for sustainable growth.

MEDcury future vision is centered around building partnerships with hospitals worldwide, leveraging team expertise, and aligning with company mission to drive medical innovation. This includes developing existing HealthTech Solutions such as MEDHIS, MEDConnext, and the Virtual Health Platform to improve the living of people within the healthcare system.

MEDcury aims to support hospitals in becoming Smart Hospitals and showcase our ability to expand our business internationally. Our ambition is to transform the medical industry and establish a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

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