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Who Are We

Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare with Us

Backyard Limited Established

Established in 2015, Backyard Company emerged from a group of friends passionate about software development for data analysis.


This inception coincided with the nascent era of dig data technology, where the focus lay on data analysis for strategic planning, investment, marketing, and financial management.


From informal conversations in backyard, an exchange of knowledge and interests led to the establishment of "Backyard Limited."


Software House

From 2015 to 2018, Backyard Company operated as a software house, with a workforce of six individuals.

Specializing in tailored software development for various business types and client needs, we provided continuous software services to both public and private sectors, laying the foundation for future business expansions.

The 1st Raise Fund

In 2018, after a period of sustained growth, Backyard Company initiated its first round of fundraising, marking the transition to "Backyard Group."


With the introduction of MEDcury Limited, a subsidiary dedicated to healthcare software development, our business scope expanded to serve healthcare organizations.


Business Expansion

From 2019 to 2022, Backyard Group experienced rapid growth, accompanied by a team of software development experts numbering over a hundred.


With a focus on software development for healthcare services, the company secured its second and third rounds of funding, aiming towards the creation of comprehensive digital ecosystems.

Partnership with
Muang Thai Insurance

In 2022, Muang Thai Insurance Company or MTI recognized Backyard Group expertise in data analysis, leading to their investment in Backyard Group.


This strategic partnership aimed to strengthen technology and solutions for mutual advancement.

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PRINC Joint Venture

Backyard Group collaborates with Principal Captial Co., Ltd., or PRINC, to develop a system for storing and analyzing patient care and health data, ensuring the security of hospital service recipient data within the Principal Healthcare network at all levels.

Chularat Hospital Acquires Shares

Chularat Hospital recognizes the potential in developing healthcare data systems.


Therefore, it has acquired shares in MEDcury to enhance all hospital services, aimed to elevate hospital services by transforming data into a digital platform for improved patient care efficiency.


PNEXT Collaboration

PNEXT PRINC, an investment company specializing in healthcare, partners with Principal Capital, investing in Backyard Group to expand the digital healthcare business, thereby maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in medical and health services.

Moving Towards
Ecosystem Solution

Today, Backyard Group is prepared to offer comprehensive Digital Transformation services. This includes strategic planning facilitated by the FLOWARD tool, management of organizational resources through ERP systems, and the automation of operations with RPA systems.


Furthermore, in the healthcare business sector, MEDcury is advancing by developing systems to efficiently manage data in healthcare facilities. This is accomplished through MEDHIS, MEDHIS Lite, MEDconnext, and Virtual Health systems, enabling unrestricted access to medical services and providing convenience to patients and medical professionals.

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